Why Your Business SHOULD Be Using Social Media

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Guys, I haven’t had a business card in six years social media is now, you guys all think this is an interesting thing. You guys all think that people that are running social media campaigns and they’re on social media and all that kind of stuff. They’re just trying to get attention. You’re right. We are trying to get attention. We’re trying to get eyeballs, whose eyeballs are we trying to get? We’re trying to get three people’s eyeballs. Okay, three people’s eyeballs I’m trying to get every single day. I’m trying to get three people’s eyeballs every day. I’m trying to get lenders, private money lenders, I want to bring private money lenders into my world.

And I want to go do big projects and do cool things with them. Second thing I want is I want to recruit employees or business opportunities, okay. And the third thing that I want is I want deals. So those are the three things I want. So when you guys are not utilizing Instagram or social media or podcast or YouTube or you’re not coming into side chats like this, you’re screwing yourself because you’re second guessing what people are going to think about you on social media.

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Get a podcast, get a YouTube channel, post on Instagram, get on tick tock do funny things that truly is one of the greatest things you can do to find lenders like the dolphin. There’s a really great book that teaches some of this stuff. If you read this book, it’s about chapter six that it starts picking up. So this is the book raising private capital using other people’s money by Matt Faircloth, and he has a couple of good chapters in there about social media and how that’s now the new business card. If you don’t use social media say you type in the word dumbass. Congratulations, you’ve played yourself. You have screwed yourself.

I mean, you have guys social media is the currency of our generation. Your business guys, I haven’t had a business card in six years. If you are printing business cards and flyers and doing that kind of stuff, you guys are scrolling up. Oh my gosh, use social media. If you are not using social media you are dum dum dum dum. In fact, here’s the word you should type in. If you are not using social media to gain either deals, recruit employees or business partners or private money lenders type in the word irresponsible, because that’s what you are. You’re irresponsible. You’re an irresponsible business owner.

You’re not taking yourself seriously and you’re not utilizing modern era techniques to further your business. You’re freaking irresponsible. That’s what you are. Write that down on a piece of paper, write it down in your notes, you are freaking irresponsible. People are like I hate this guy. So there’s always 10% of people that watch my stuff that just hate me because of the way I teach. But it’s true. You guys are irresponsible if you’re not using social media