You Don’t Have a Business Without These 3 Things

We are developing over the next couple of months, we are developing a way that when those wholesalers are getting rid of their leads, like foreclosure, no equity this that the seller wants too much money as they let go of those leads. They give permission to us to take those leads and transfer them into our CRM. That’s something I’ve been working on for years. Two years it’s finally coming to fruition okay so I’m working on big things, guys for this community. So I care so much about you having an entity I care about you having leads.

And then the third thing I care about Michael as if you once you have leads, I want you practicing with other students and developing relationships with other students. I’m going to give you the three things you need right now in this group. One, get a structure take yourself seriously. Get a bank account, right? Number two, get leads coming in your business. Right? Okay, and that could be free leads. It doesn’t have to be cold calling it doesn’t have to be texting doesn’t have to be door knocking doesn’t have to be the things that are all scary. Literally a wholesaler that goes oh my gosh, solve this problem for me.

I don’t understand creative finance, right? And guess what, Michael? Neither do you. You’re brand new. And that’s okay. It’s gonna take you some months to learn this. Okay? And that’s okay. So those are those are the first two. The third thing is you need to develop relationships with other students in this program. You guys need to be practicing with each other. Okay, walking through contracts, explaining things to people screwing stuff up, Michael, you need to screw some shit up, bro. Yep. Okay, so those are the three things I would focus on right now.