You Don’t Have a Business Without These 3 Things

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Everybody pay attention to this, this will help you understand where you should spend your time. So Michael, you’re brand new your two days. In this case, what I would be doing is your bid, you don’t have a business without three things. If you don’t have an LLC, you don’t have a business. So go to prime corporate forward slash pace, you’ll get a free consultation, they’ll go, alright, Michael, where Yeah, and you go, I’m brand new dude. I’m not even doing deals yet. Right? But when we go to mindset, we talk about mindset.

If you don’t have an LLC, and you’re not legitimate in the sense, like, I have a real business, somebody can pull me up on public record and see that I have a business, I believe in myself at least enough to spend a couple 100 bucks. Are you serious about your business, then get a get an entity? Right? And the second thing you need is you need to understand you need to generate leads. Okay, so Michael, if you don’t have a budget, it’s okay. Right? Everybody pay attention to this, please.

If you don’t have a budget to spend on cold callers and texting and all that kind of stuff, which basically automates lead generation for you. What can you do? I can do it myself. No, yes, you could cold call I hate cold calling. I will never teach you to cold call yourself. I hate it. I think it’s a waste of your time. Okay, personally, and SEO, as well. You’ll see a lot of people teach like cold call cold call cold call. Because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to convince you that that’s a good valuable use of your time. Cold calling is not a valuable use of your time. Right?

What this mentorship originally was Michael was set up a year and a half ago was now getting close to two years we’ve been doing this, that creative finance is the Educate the piece of understanding that you can go to a wholesaler and the deal that I bought today. I never had to cold call the seller follow up with the seller, I never really had to negotiate with the seller, the deal lands in my lap. And because I understand creative finance, I could leverage other people’s dead leads that they don’t know what to do with. That is free lead generation that is called the pace method.

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That because Doug Lonza I call him now Uncle Lonza. Uncle Lonza has been so absolutely effective at that strategy, that we’ve now called it the lawns of method.Okay, so if you’re saying, I don’t have leads, well, guess what, you don’t have a business. So number one, get an LLC, there’s a psychological change that happens in your world. When you have an LLC and you have a corporate structure, you take things seriously, and you now have a bank account. Here’s the sad thing. Michael, guess what you don’t have if you don’t have an LLC, you don’t have a business account. Gotcha.

If you don’t have a business account, how do you expect the universe to send you money to deposit? That’s a mindset thing, baby. You’re right.You know what I’m saying? Yeah. 100%. So we people are like, Well, I’m not ready for an LLC and like, tell the universe you’re ready for money. Go commit to yourself for a couple 100 bucks. There’s a magical thing to be able to have that that envelopes or that binder from Bank of America, Chase Wells Fargo, whoever it is, you’re like, I have a business account, baby. I’m in business. Let’s go.

The next thing you need is you need leads. And what’s magical about creative finances that you can leverage our community or you can leverage wholesalers dead leads, you guys want to hear something sick? Who wants to hear something sick? Okay, so we are used that we have built out a CRM. And there are currently 30,000 wholesalers currently working this CRM right now. Okay, we’re going to introduce this to you guys next Monday. The CRM already, it’s not my CRM, it’s somebody else’s CRM that has 30,000 wholesalers on this platform.