Wholesaling A Novation Agreement With Dante Smith

And, you know, I feel like it was just on my end, it was more of like my mindset, I had to I had to realize that you can have all the information in the world, but you definitely have to put that information to action. In order for things to make, make it make it work for you. So I started paying attention to tie the flip man. And actually that’s that’s where I had a guy is such an I love him. Yeah, Ty is great. And I was watching Ty for a very long time. You know, he had his show going on on Wednesdays where he talked all about wholesaling, like and he simplified it in a way that was really understandable to me.

So I was following him a lot and I started taking a little action I started putting out bandit signs and then the whole the whole nine yards, and actually started picking up traction. I got sellers calling me now. So that was pretty awesome. But now it’s like okay, What do I say to these sellers? Like, Oh, do you want to buy my house? Do you want to sell your house to me at a discount? And it was kind of like, I still didn’t know what to say, even though I knew the steps to take and how to get leads, I didn’t know exactly where to go.

So that’s when one day Ty had a show on his on his I think it was on his Wednesday show you and Jamil you and Jamil came on to Ty’s show. And that’s when I found out about you. And that’s how I got into your whole world. And you talked about creative finance and how you can wholesale creative deals. And it was just like, wow, like I want to do that like is everything you said in that particular interview resonated with me. So I started following you on YouTube, and I started watching your videos and watching your content. And it just really resonated with me about how you how you want to help people.

And I was like, that’s my main thing I really want to help people. And also, you know, do some deals at the same time. So I had this one deal that came up from a bandit sign that I had placed out. And the lady was like, I need to sell, I need to move I need to downsize quickly. And I pitched I pitched the creative deals there. I didn’t know anything about what I was doing. But I pitched the creative business, my first deal that I lost. So I pitched creative terms to her, you know, the best I could I told her how would you feel if we took over your payments. And, you know, you sold their house to us on a payment plan.

And she was actually down, she was actually down with the idea. But I really didn’t know how to get any further than that. So I was kind of scared about what I was doing and not and not believing in what I was saying. So I kind of ghosted her myself. And then after that, at that point in time, that’s if you didn’t know where to go, so you started ghosting the seller, that’s great. Yes. And she’s she’s hitting me up. Like, I that’s how I knew she really wanted to sell. She was hitting me up multiple times.

But I just didn’t know what to say I didn’t know where how to get the how to move the conversation forward in order to help her out, you know, because I kind of felt like I was I was, I’m not an expert, you know, I had this imposter syndrome, you know, and I didn’t, I didn’t want to hit her hit her back up and not be able to actually solve her problem. So I actually came across your you did a 16 hour live and I listened to you talk to sellers live in person, like I’m watching you. I’m working at Amazon at the time and I’m listening to you talk to sellers on this long live that you’re going on.

Like I’m tuned in working and just listening and absorbing all this information. And I’m like, oh my goodness, like, I have to be a part of that community. I need to know more. I need to know how I can elevate my expertise in order to help the sellers out because I lost this deal. She eventually ended up selling with a with a real estate agent. After a while of me not hitting her up. After that 16 hour live. I just I just said hey, I got to join the mentorship. And that’s what I did. I joined the mentorship and now you know everything has been good. I’ve been networking with students and I’ve been on my real estate journey doing it the right way.

Well, that’s amazing. So have you gotten your first deal closed yet? Yes, I actually just did my first deal. It closed right before the New Year hit actually wholesaled a Novation agreement. You Wholesale the Novation agreement. What the hell? Why don’t you tell people what that actually means? There’s so many people that are watching this have no idea what that means. So yeah, so what a Novation agreement is, is, it’s essentially a partnership between you and the seller.

In my particular case, our seller, he’s a military guy who lives out in California, and he had this dusty old cabin, out here in Franklin, Georgia that needed a little love to get where it could be sold on the open market for full retail value. So his issue was that he was paying on two houses, he was paying on this cabin, and he was paying on the house that he also lives in in California. And it was coming, it was coming to a point where he couldn’t afford those payments on the house here in Georgia. So what I structured with him was hey, why don’t why don’t you let us take over those payments and fix up your property and sell it on the open market.

And so he was down for the idea. And that’s that’s essentially what we did we put together what’s called a Novation agreement, which is a partnership where he held his mortgage in place allowed us to take over the payments to get it off of his back while we fix the property up and sold it on the open market. And that was my first deal I wholesale that to a cash buyer that I found in the same area and I got my first deal done, bro that’s amazing.

So you got you’ve already gotten paid, you’re the deal is closed, you’re done, right? Yeah, the deal is 100% done, I’ve paid and I’m on to more opportunities you know, I want to help some more sellers and and get some more sellers out of situations that they can’t handle. What was it a big mindset shift for you like when you get your first deal? Is it

A Game changer of like, wow, this is real. And do you also gain a lot of confidence once you get your first deal done? Oh, yeah, for sure. Once I did my first deal, it was basically a point in my mind where I was like, this is actually real. This is I can actually do this, like, and it boosted my confidence on the phones with sellers in the fashion of that, hey, I can actually help you I can help you out of the situation. Oh, you can’t sell with it with a real estate agent. Oh, these guys are these guys are coming in with too low of a price for you.

Well, why don’t we do this and just just laying out all of the options that there are for the sellers in knowing that I can help them you know, when you come and lead with value first. It’s just you know, you it takes all the pressure away because it is not a feeling of that you’re trying to take their house from him. You’re actually trying to help them out of the situation that you know that they actually need to help love that. Absolutely love that. All right. So what are you looking for right now in your business? Now you got your first deal done, what are you looking for? And how can people reach out to you?

Well, the best the best way for people to reach out to me, I would say right now is on Facebook. I’m on Facebook, Dante Smith, da NC e Smith. What I’m looking for in my business is basically some more deals that I can help people that can’t overcome certain things with their sellers. I’d love to be a person that can help you move those deals across the finish line. So I definitely would love to help people out. Just get their first deal done. Love it.

Let’s say I’m a wholesaler and I’m generating leads can I reach out to you and you can help me get those sellers locked up into like either Novation agreement, sub to seller finance Morbi method, whatever it may be creative finance wise. Can you help me with that? Oh, absolutely. I can definitely help you with that. And I’m actually looking to take down some of my own sub twos and creative finance deals. So I would love to you know if anybody’s looking to invest with me and what I’ve got going on that would be great as well. I love that.

Okay, so guys, Dante Smith, young kid, he’s got a lot of hustling and he has proven he can close a deal now he’s got a mindset shift change. He is a guy who has tapped into my sub two community people love and adore this guy. I would reach out to them Dante I would give more than your Facebook bro i would give your email or your phone number or something so people can reach out to you directly What’s your email so we can have people reach out to you my email is lavishly real [email protected] That’s Lac ISHLY y real [email protected]

Feel free to reach out to me on my email or on my Facebook I get a lot of people reach out to me Dante that are like pay so I want to work a deal with you. I got leads I got leads I got leads. And to be honest guys, I’m too busy for to help everybody. So if you’re watching this podcast, we get about 10,000 views on YouTube on these and we get about 20,000 downloads on the Get creative podcast on iTunes and Spotify. If you are listening and you are a wholesaler that has leads that you feel like are asking for too much money.

They are hoping to get either retail or more. And you need help with somebody pitching creative finance and terms to them. Dante Smith is the guy so reach out to Dante. He’s giving you his email our team will make sure it’s up on the screen the entire show. Dante Smith, thank you for coming to the Get creative podcast.

Thank you so much space, I really appreciate the opportunity. You’re the king brother I will make sure everybody reaches out to you and guys if you reach out to me my DMs and say Paste I need help with the lead. I’m just going to send you right to this episode. And when you get to this point, you’ll know exactly why I sent you to this episode so that Dante Smith can help you with those leads. Thank you again guys. This has been another episode of the Get creative podcast. If you enjoyed this content, like subscribe and share with your friends