Wholesaling A Novation Agreement With Dante Smith

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This is the Get creative podcast, highlighting real people doing real deals. Join Pace Morby as he normalizes the conversation about creative finance. And now on to the show. Hey, everybody, welcome to the Get creative podcast. I’ve got a special guests, a young man named Dante Smith, he is a sub two student of mine. I’m super proud of this guy, he’s gonna tell you about a deal that he’s just finished and got paid on. But first, before we get to that, Dante, bro, how did you get started in real estate? What got you interested? And tell us kind of the journey from the start all the way until now?

Well pays, it’s been it’s been a really long journey to where we are now. But started off. I was just kid in high school, just, you know, doing what teenagers do, you know, hanging out with friends, playing sports and those kinds of things. But um, I always I always noticed that my family, you know, we never had enough money that we needed to get the things that I wanted as a kid. And so I noticed all the time when I asked my mom and my dad for certain things, they would tell me no. And so I knew I knew early on that it was a lack of money. And so what I did was I saw kids going to high kids going to college.

You know, people work in jobs, but they never really were exactly where I wanted to be in my life. And there’s nothing wrong with working jobs. There’s nothing wrong with going to college, but I wanted to be in a certain place in my life. You know, I saw I saw people online, you know, with the Lamborghinis and the big houses. And I thought, Well, hey, how do I get those kinds of things. So I fell into this long journey of going on YouTube to search out, you know, you can search anything on YouTube, YouTube University, and I found out about this guy named Ty Lopez.

So I invested into his course, my senior year of high school, I invested in his course called the 67 steps of how to change your mindset. And so I looked at this course, and it gave me some gave me some good principles and things that I could use, but nothing really actionable that I could take and utilize in my life immediately. So that’s when I kept doing a little bit more research. And I found out about wholesale real estate. So I forget, I forget what the course is called within what the guy’s name is. But I invested into his course on a on a website called Udemy Udemy Academy. And I invested in this course, and he talked about wholesaling real estate.

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And so yeah, he talked about wholesale about, you know, ARV and it just opened up this whole world of how you can get into real estate without any money, any credit, or anything like that. And then he talks about, you know, flipping paper, and I’m like, Well, I want to learn about that. That sounds interesting. I know real estate is one of the ways that you can be become wealthy. I know that’s one of the top ways you can become wealthy in America. So I got it, I dove into his course.

And I started looking at the information he told me about ARV is about finding buyers about contracts and getting properties under contracts and knowing property values. And so it was just a whole new world to me. I tried to take action here and there, but it didn’t have everything, the course didn’t have everything that I necessarily needed to fully embark on the journey in real estate. So, you know, me being a kid fresh out of high school, I wasn’t quite ready to fully, you know, invest my time, you know, I had family and friends telling me like, Hey, that’s a scam, what that guy’s doing is not real, you’re going to get in trouble.

You’re going to get yourself into a lawsuit. I even had people saying things like, Well, why don’t you just become a real estate agent? And I’m like, Well, I know you can become an agent. But I see I see agents all the time. And they don’t make the same amount of money that these guys that are investing in real estate are making. So I said there’s got to be another way. So I fell down a long rabbit hole of just investing in the course after course, I was really locked into the idea of wholesaling real estate. So I’m listening to many courses of wholesale real estate.