What You Need In Your Business

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Hey guys welcome to YouTube channel we’re going to talk about four things that you need in your business right now. Let’s go. Alright, number one is right over here follows arrow follows arrow, follow, follow Follow Follow, I’m gonna show you the number one thing you need in your business. It’s right here motivation, okay, you need motivation. My wife had no idea I was gonna put her on YouTube.

But here she is with our brand new baby guys, you need motivation, you need a you need a reason why you’re doing this because anything worthwhile or worth doing is going to be challenging hard, and you’re gonna feel demoralized and you’re going to be beat up all the time. So you’re going to need to have a y my Y is my family obviously okay? There’s nothing new about that everybody’s Why should be their family, their dogs, their lover their whatever, you have to have a why Okay, some of you guys, your why right now is Netflix and video games. And that’s perfectly cool, but not going to keep you motivated to make more money.

The second thing you need in your business is an actual effing business. So you need to go to prime this is who does all of my shit prime corporate services.com. And I don’t know the code, I think it’s zero to hero, I think it’s paste, whatever it is, the link will be down below. Regardless, just let them know that pace sent you and they’ll get you guys hooked up. This is who sets up all of my LLC. And if you’re one of these knuckleheads like I was that wants to set up their LLC themselves. You are not getting anonymity protection and the perfect structure in the right state at the right time. Is it an S corp, a C Corp, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.

Go to prime corporate services.com. Tell them PE sent you book a call with them. They’ll give you 45 minutes for free to talk about them. They’re unbelievably lovely people. You need a business. If you’re trying to get into business and you’re treating this like a hobby. You don’t have an LLC and a company name and you don’t have a bank account. If you and I do a deal together right now, where am I going to send you a check? Am I going to send you a check to your personal name? What are we freaking children get an actual business prime corporate services.com Tell them pace and their team sent you.

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That’s the first thing you need physically. You need a real business, an LLC and a bank account. We use Chase. Okay, so the bank that we use for all of our banking purposes is Chase. I don’t have a coupon code for you. I don’t have anything there. I just like Chase, their technology is good. They’re in all 50 states. And so if I’m traveling and I need to pull out cash, super easy. If I need to sign something, then I’m out of state super easy. The third thing you need in your business is you need a lead source. So many people are like I need to get into this business guys.

You can’t get into this business by looking at Zillow and Redfin at properties that are listed. I’m sorry, there are a few people that do that doesn’t work like you think it should. Where I would suggest getting leads is if you know creative finance, you can use what we call the pace method. Okay, the pace method is revitalizing dead wholesaler leads and purchasing them a couple of videos ago, I talked about how you can work deals with me and my team.

And in that video, you saw like eight or nine active deals are going on guys, those were dead leads that people couldn’t close, I close them, okay, that’s a lead source, let somebody else generate the lead, you can use creative finance to make those leads work. So dead leads is a great way to do that. The way we do that is the pace method. I teach that on sub two.com. Now, if you don’t go to sub two.com, I would go and look in the description down below because we have zero to hero, season one, season two, and season three.

These are all three different ways to generate leads, or we’re going to continue to compound more and more seasons as we go because we’d love teaching guys exactly how to do that. So you need a why you need a company name and a company bank account, you need a lead source, whether it’s a paid lead source or not paid lead source, you need that the fourth thing you need, this is freaking humongous. You need a community and I’m gonna tell you why you need a community because so many people struggle to get into this business because they don’t have a campfire.