What To Buy in Real Estate Investing in 2022

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Alright in 2022 there’s a lot going on. You’ve got crypto, you’ve got the metaverse, you’ve got inflation, you’ve got all sorts of crazy things going on with no inventory in the market. So I thought I’d asked one of the smartest people I know in real estate, what are a few things you’re looking for in real estate right now to make money in 2022? So we got Jamil Damji on our private jets on my private jet. Steve Horwitz, shout out Steve harborage.

What are a couple of things you’re looking for in real estate right now? Like if somebody says, Hmm, I want to do a deal with you in 2022. What are you looking to buy right now? Well, first and foremost of those buying deals in Phoenix, Arizona. So if you got something under contract in Phoenix, Arizona, or Tucson, Arizona, or Dallas, Texas, or somewhere in Idaho, hit me up in my DMs on Instagram, but I’m also looking for new construction lots, I’m looking for vacant lots in West Phoenix in South Phoenix, around 6000 square feet or a little bit larger under $100,000.

Those are the games that I’m buying, right? If somebody wanted to do a deal with you, but they don’t have money for, let’s say, a lead list. Have you pulled a list of those vacant lots? Absolutely. So I’ve got a skip trace list of all of the vacant lots in South Phoenix in West Phoenix. And if you’re interested in getting your hands on that skip trace list so you can make some phone calls to them. Just send me a DM on IG and I’ll send it to you. I know you pulled that list because I was talking to Jenna the next day and you’re like, oh, yeah, we went through all that stuff. You called all the vacant properties. All the vacant lands. Yeah. Okay.

So let’s say that I’m a brand new wholesaler and I want to call on this list that you probably spend a couple $1,000 on guys, no joke, he probably spent a couple of $1,000 Giving you value. How do I know what is a good deal with what land and what is not a good deal with land? Great question. Now land is tricky because it needs to be surrounded by other new construction. So if it’s like in the middle of nowhere, it’s really hot. Something I want. If you see that there’s housing beside it, that’s probably something that I want to take a look at. So do you call those infill lots? Infill lots? Absolutely. Yep.

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So if you’ve got any questions when you’re going through it again, I’m really happy to communicate with you. I’d love to give you some pointers on things I’m looking for. But it’s pretty simple. I’m looking for lots 6000 square feet or larger in South Phoenix or west Phoenix under $100,000. Okay, I find something how do I send it to you? Is there an email a DM, send me a DM on IG? I got a lot in Phoenix. And I’d like you to take a look at it all I need to see address and the asking price and I can get you an answer within a couple of hours and what are you doing with it? I’m buying them so that I can build new construction for affordable housing.

Alright, so Jamil is working on affordable housing. And the reason being is because that’s a reaction to what’s going on in the market right now. It’s a class of homes right now that is dramatically underserved. Is that right? Correct. In fact, what we’re trying to do is we are doing it in as a more of a philanthropic venture. Our goal is to leave profits on the table so that we can get families who wouldn’t have been able to afford those homes into those homes by leaving equity on the table. Okay, so number one Jamil is looking for vacant lands west Phoenix, South Phoenix you have the list link is down below in this YouTube.

Second thing you’re looking for is what I’ve been seeing something really interesting happening in the multifamily market guys, if you’ve been noticing rents have spiked across the united states all across the United States. I used to look for multifamily that was ugly or meeting work or distressed in some way. Today. I can find deals in fully repositioned remodeled multifamily. Do you want to know why?

Because a lot of landlords haven’t realized that a gap in value has occurred which means which means if you’re looking at a multifamily building and you asked what the rents are in that building, and you come to find out the landlord says a two bedroom, one bath and my building rents for $1,200 a month all you need to do is go to Zillow and put that address into Zillow in the For Rent section and see what other two bedroom one bath are renting for.