What Do Lenders Require If It’s Your First Subject To Deal?

So you got to go borrow that money from uncle or a credit card, or you have to build corporate credit with prime corporate services.com That’s where we get build our corporate credit where I can go get that $50,000 To do the renovations. Your question might be how do I go get that $50,000 Well, good credit or relationship with your uncle or somebody else has $50,000 Or go build corporate credit with prime Corporate Services calm, pretty simple. So that money, I can use that $50,000 renovate the property, and then I can go and sell that property, let’s say for $450,000 and that $450,000 When I receive it, it actually goes and pays off my lender.

That’s my private lender and it pays off the underlying mortgage to Wells Fargo. So that is really how it’s done. In neither situation doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a house subject to or you’re buying a house subject to and bringing on a private lender. Nobody cares whether it’s your first subject to deal or not especially the bank because they actually have no clue that you bought a house subject to so hopefully that answers your question of what do I do by buying my first subject to and the lender wants some sort of documentation. They don’t want documentation because they don’t know that this situation.