Underwriting A Creative Finance Deal: The Morby Method

I’m in the middle of for Morby method transactions right now it does work. The problem is until you’ve gone through it once it seems very complicated but at the end of the day, it’s very simple. This particular seller she actually she runs a property management company as well. Would you be opposed to like to allow her to manage the property because she also has 43 units that she’s looking to sell as she manages she’s looking to so she’s 18 unit multifamily deal and buying right now. I’m keeping the seller on as the property manager at five per square cool.

Yeah, I think I mean, the seller who knows the property better than the seller? Yeah, cuz she has these condos in West Palm that she’s looking to sell as well. On behalf of the seller, the seller, she does a property management for him guys actually about to go to jail. It’s kind of crazy. When she says she’ll sell to us she has to do the property management. She’s saying that she sells us and I’m like, that’s fine. Like yeah, the guy Cesar that I was just telling you about.

He said that he wants to do property management for a year. He says his wife currently does it. And he says that the specific type of neighborhood that those houses are in require a very specific type of clientele and yeah wants his wife to teach whoever is the buyer how to attract that type of clientele specifically, it definitely gave me some homework. I appreciate that for my contract way simpler than going through the Morby method for sure.