The Morby Method – $0 DOWN Real Estate Strategy Breakdown

You know, I told somebody the other day ago, the number one problem with being like such a great educator and all these sub two students just crushing it is the first three or four months of the mentorship. But you know, almost two years ago, I was just bringing in so many deals because the students were not ready to buy the deals, they’re just ready to sign them. And now I’m in a situation like where all the deals and it’s because I’ve asked is like you are now taking down $100,000 houses using the Morbi method. You wouldn’t have even known this a year ago, right? You know what I’m saying?

Now you’re ready to take it down. I love it. Not at all. I don’t even know Real Estate with wholesaling was a year ago, like crazy, but I still I still need to sell you a deal. I’m working those lists that um, that you need to do you provide so much value in the community like I’m glad that we got to have this one on one call and for sure. And what I’ll end up doing is I’ll probably cut a piece of this out just to like help other people explain this because so many people like what’s the Morby method? What’s going on? Why is what why didn’t you have a longer video.