The First Step in Your Real Estate Investment Business | LLC Setup

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This is a DM that I just got from Matt Sanders, one of the people in our community who just signed up with prime Corporate Services. Now, I’m telling you like when you’re brand new in business, you don’t really understand the importance of signing up with a proper LLC. Like when you hear an LLC and depreciation and corporate structure and all kinds of stuff, when you’re brand new does not just like, make you want to fall asleep pretty much, but you shouldn’t be sleeping on this, you want to know why.

Because if you sleep through it, you’re going to end up spending 40% of your time working for the government PCs will get you structured so that you’re tax efficient, so that you’re not risking your own personal finances and your own personal credit, when you’re out there trying to build your business guys, it’s irresponsible to do that. That’s why we recommend PCs, before you even start any of your lead generation or anything that you’re trying to do to build your business. Can your self protected be another person?

Can you imagine that if you’ve got to be a fake person out there in the world, not even a fake person, just a whole other person, and you got to go out there and do all kinds of risky things, take chances and write contracts and fr all the fun stuff? Well, you get to do that when you have an LLC, you’re not gonna get any reward without a big risk. Why would you take a big risk on your family? I wouldn’t do that right PCs get an LLC. Don’t be dumb. One of my favorite things about getting an LLC to guys is that there’s a mindset that comes with having an LLC and having a bank account that is official, you know, it’s been set up.

And it’s like a magnet to the universe that collects opportunities and tells the universe you’re ready for checks. There’s a lot of people out there operating on their personal name, and it’s like, okay, well, if I do a deal with you, right now you find a deal, I buy it, you get an assignment fee of $20,000. Where do I write the check to your personal name? Oh, no. But if you don’t have an LLC, I write that check.

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I didn’t have an LLC, you would be and like Jim mill said is $20,000 very quickly turns into $12,000 because 40% of his income went to the taxman, you want to know why guys, because if you’re not corporate structure, and you’re going to pay capital gains tax, if you’re doing real estate deals, shouldn’t it make sense that you take your income as ordinary income tax completely different guys, this is really important stuff to think about. The other thing is, you can write off trips like this, right? This is a private jet. This is an expense, if you’re doing it on your personal dime.

And you’re not running these things through a business, you can’t deduct this from your expenses. So you would pay taxes on your income, right? Let’s say I have a nine to five job, I collect that money after the government took it. That’s not fun. When you have an LLC, you have the ability to collect money into your LLC, right deductions and expenses. And then after everything’s deducted an expense, then you pay a very, very small amount of money to the taxman instead of 40 for Senator. So here’s what’s cool about prime Corporate Services.

So Corporate Services has over 2000 of my community and Jim Mills community in there, I don’t have a single person that has come to me and said they haven’t been treated properly. Are you getting positive comments all the time? Everyone says that DCS takes care of them. They’re responsive, and they’re very helpful, right? They’re knowledgeable and helpful people. That’s the bottom line, guys knowledge and being helped these guys understand what they’re doing, and they’re actually caring enough to answer the phone.

When you call, I always tell people that the product is not the product, the product is the user experience. And friend Porter services has this down last summer, I was promoting another company, a very, very large company. You’ve seen them on YouTube. In fact, they do an amazing job on YouTube, they’re probably the best with corporate structures, LLCs, etc. On YouTube, but we sent over 400 people from our community why why would you send somebody over from your community that wants an LLC? Well, guess what? People freaking ask us all the time? How are you structured? How are you putting your companies into an LLC?