Subject To Strategy For First Time Homebuyers

Yeah, that’s a pretty dope pass out. Why did trivias the seller you’ve seen the testimonial and you’ve seen the seller call that I made door? Why would previous let me just take over her payments because she was in distress. She was in distress. She had no equity Right? So there’s no gain for her to go sell it on the open market. So what I would do is if I’m brand new in this game, I would either a find a wholesaler that goes after foreclosures, easy way to find them, I’ll tell you in just a second, or B, I would go on to bacha Forward slash page, you’ll get a coupon code if you guys use that, and I would look up foreclosures, and I would call the sellers and I would say, hey, I can take over your payments instead of having a bankruptcy on your credit or a short sell on your credit or a foreclosure on your credit.

Let me just take over your payments subject to and I’ll come in and live in that property. Okay, easy, easy way to do that is just call on foreclosures. But if you’re afraid of calling on foreclosures, some people have you guys ever called on foreclosures. You guys don’t want to call them foreclosures, right. What is another way if I don’t want to call a foreclosure I don’t want to be the person marketing to the seller. What can I do? Well, I know what you would do, why would I do that people call wholesalers right so here’s what I would do. Check this out. Guys. I’ve already told you exactly where to find the deals. So you go on batch forward slash pace downloaded a list of foreclosures right just type in the city we can do this again. I’ll do it one more time.

Before I get out of this. Let’s see batch leads that IO pops up my little thing you guys might be able to see my log in so you can spend my money I got $715 in there and feel free to spend my money okay, so if you go to List search, literally I can type in any address except Hawaii apparently. And I can even go to Austin, Texas, right if you’re somebody who wants to live in Austin, Texas. Let’s go there. Austin, Texas do a little search. Let’s see how many foreclosures there are quick filter says there are 171 people currently losing their house because they have no equity and they’re behind on payments.

Okay, so if I want to live in Austin, Texas, then I want to go to those 171 people who are losing their house because they can’t afford their payments. The whole purpose of sub two is to take over somebody’s payments. So wouldn’t that be a really perfect match somebody that can’t afford their house payments, somebody that wants to buy a house and take over payments match made in heaven patch leads foreclosures, call those sellers. Now, if I don’t want to call sellers then what I want to do is I want to find people who are calling those people for me, which would be wholesalers right like what you said so where would I find those?

You only run my media team where would I find a wholesaler? We have the greatest Facebook What’s so funny as she runs our Facebook group and would you say that there’s some wholesalers and they’re doing deals Yeah 100% Guys there’s tremendous amount of business going on in there let’s just go into the Facebook group right now.

Okay, we’ll pull it up a full screen this bad boy okay, you can see this person made $114,000 Check this out this person Marcille says hey, I have a portfolio of 60 properties all in Philadelphia for same owner could be sold individually or as a package have eager buyers and forwards so there’s just tons of people with properties in here wanting to do deals check this out into this group for a short time but I rarely see anyone from Michigan posting or even mentioning Michigan as an area of interest. So I know somebody in Michigan watch Jory Alston reach out to this guy and do deals guys this Facebook group is so epic Tim proficient says I want to buy a property subject to in Hampton Roads. Virginia helped me out student.