Strategies You Need To Know In Real Estate Investing

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Hey guys, we’re gonna go through a couple of things that you should be doing to make money in real estate maybe today. Okay, let’s get into it. I walk into my office today I see all these deals that are going to be closing in the next probably seven or eight days and I thought man, I should make a YouTube video about this and give people some indication of some other strategies that are out there to help you guys out. Check this out. I’ve got a 24 unit so multifamily if you’re somebody who’s interested in multifamily owning cash flowing assets, especially with the upcoming downturn, owning multifamily is a good deal.

I am buying this deal with the Morbi method. Okay, the Morbi method is a creative finance strategy that I created I invented and we actually did a video all about this called How to underwrite the Morbi method deal and my team will put a link in the description down below for that video. We’re actually take this deal this exact deal and I underwrite and break it down where I will own 24 units with no money out of my pocket. So go watch that video.

I then get a wholesaler Tevin who locks up a duplex in Myrtle Beach so when people are talking about I’m worried about the market I’m worried about the upcoming shifts well guys I’ve got a seller finance deal at 2.11% interest right here that was wholesale to me in Myrtle Beach I’m going to be turning that into an Airbnb so guys I would say go and watch how to wholesale a subject to deal and learn all of those strategies in I have a video called all creative strategies.

Okay, every creative finance strategy my team will put it down below I have a deal in humble Texas that is closing this week that is some to deal okay sent to me by a wholesaler so I didn’t have to cold call and empty tanks and have to do any of that stuff. wholesaler sent me a sub to deal Arlington same thing wholesaler sent me a sub two deal and if you are part of the NFT project this is the first NFT house that was purchased creative finance pretty cool. We made history on that one I’ve got a five Plex that is a cash deal.

Underwriting with The Morby Method:

Now here is what is important for this this is one of the main reasons I wanted to make this YouTube video is if you guys are running into deals where you need a loan sponsor or you need private money send me an email volley at America home So here’s what I did. I actually helped this group of people get a loan for this property are utilizing my credit and my credentials and my bank balance my p&l all of those types of things to help you guys get loans I am available to do that for you guys.

Just make sure you email Molly at American home offers we’ll look at the deal and see if it’s something we want to participate in San Angelo Texas. This is a seller finance which is cool 50 year note which means the seller of this 40 unit deal in San Angelo Texas is giving me 50 years of payments. What does that do if you stretch the payments from 30 years to 50 years that lowers the payment and heightens the cash flow pretty cool strategy there we’ll be talking about that in the all creative strategies YouTube video link down below Epson This is a deal that is sub two Isn’t it crazy?

How many creative finance deals I buy and then I get people like oh there’s no creative finance deals out there guys like literally 80% of my deals are creative finance pretty dope This was sent to me from a student Sandy so good job Sandy Campton this is a long term B R R R so yes guys I do the burst strategy people get really mad about this by the way some people like four R’s those burn people are very particular about how you spell burn, buy renovate rent, refinance, repeat but sometimes this is the real thing is that is there is no repeat because you have a ton of money sunk into this deal.