Real Estate Syndication Structure Explained with Premier Law Group

So the way I have mine set up right now, Maria is I have a living trust. And my living trust, hold on owns a holding company. And so my holding company then has all of my LLC is underneath that. And then each individual See, I think we have like 35 LLC that are all owning individually. So this is it. That’s the same one. Yep, there’s no reason for you to create a separate holding company already have one, whatever that holding company is, will own your cut of that. 20%.

But technically, let’s say that Cody Barton, my partner, Kim and I are 5050 in our ownership portion of this. So that would mean that holding LLC would actually be two separate because he has his own holding company as well. Correct? Correct. Yep. 10%. Okay, great. So there would actually technically I know, this is a little bit complex without being able to draw on it. But technically, there would be two holding companies owning that ownership 10% To me, 10% to him. Correct. And if we were really crazy, we could create a holding company together if we really wanted to.

And I wouldn’t call that crazy, by the way, and I would, you know, since you’ve got the PCs here, guys, you know, there’s an argument to do that, by the way, because generally speaking, multi member LLCs are much stronger than single member LLCs and husband and wife counts as a single member for this purpose and you have a living trust. So we have to go back and look at the Arizona rules but if the Arizona rules are weak, and they don’t really like single member LLCs even though it’s a Wyoming entity, there’s always a risk that, you know, a judge in Arizona says, you know, whatever, I’m going to make my own rules.

So there is an argument, multi member LLCs are stronger than single member LLC, I think what Cody and I would do is we would probably for this fund, keep it completely separate from our existing corporate structure and create a new corporate structure, we would create a holding company LLC together. And then we would own individual ownership in that holding company, maybe underneath our living trusts individually, because Cody has a living trust, and I have a living trust. Yes, perfect.

So in that structure, both of you would be 5050, owners of this new holding company, and that holding company that only be one holding company that owns that entire class B, right. So the entire 20% In this example, would go to the holding company, and then from there, it would be split 5050. And then on the management side, I think you guys already have a pace, you already have a unless we want to create a new one. But you have a company already, right?

And sort of a sponsor company right now, I think we I think we create another one separate from anything. Alright, so great. So in that case, what we’ll create ABC management group or whatever you want to call it, probably if it’s 5050, it’ll also be 5050 between the two of you. And that also, I would just have you know, you guys individually own that as well. I would not some people make the mistake of having the holding company owned the management company.

And again, we want to keep these separate. So that management company, I guess I could individually own it in my personal name because it isn’t my own. Yes, correct. Or your living truck. So it’s okay for my living trust to own the holding company and my living trust on the management LLC. Correct. And that’s the direction I will go.