Real Estate Balloon | How To Structure Your Deal

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This is the thing that if I could magically download in a microchip and plug it into your brain, I would do that as we’re not letting you go until you ask two more questions, I can give you like 20 More Details anyone? Okay, so let’s say with the balloon so let’s say market tanks five years from now he’s on a five year balloon with the same agreement being put in place that I put into like a regular seller finance, where if it does not appraise for at least 80% of the value, essentially something like that just structure a balloon, however you want.

All of my balloons are structured in a way that if the property does not appraise for the original purchase price, my balloon automatically extends an additional five years. This is the thing that if I could magically download in a microchip and plug it into your brain, Dennis, I would do it you can change anything. Welcome to Willy Wonka’s Wonderland you can anything is possible. Anything is possible. If you can think it, you can put it on paper. Yes, you can the balloon. If you’re worried about it. Here’s the thing is that property you have in Sedona, if the market tanks that house is getting its ass kicked, you know why?

Because it’s a nice ass house. And those houses are going to lose their value before a house that’s worth 200,000 bucks, right? So you should write in your balloon. Hey, I’m happy with the balloon seller. I love it. And I understand why you want it. But let’s just make sure it appraises for the original purchase price in five years. And if it doesn’t, it automatically extends an additional five years. Right?

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You can do the same thing inside of this partnership agreement stating that if the How would you state that Shawn, would you say the LLC has assets or the LLC is blah, blah, blah needs to appraise for such and such I mean, we’ve defined the property in there. So we would just say that the property has to appraise by at least 80% of the original purchase price by the company the balloon shall extend an additional five years if as of the date of original expiration, the property fails to appraise for 80% of the purchase price by which the company originally purchased the property.

That’s a little wordy. I’d probably fix that. But Dennis, do you know why I give you a hard time sometimes I love it. Give me a hard time. Here’s why I give you a hard time because guys like you are so freakin smart that once you like get over the hump on some of the overthinking stuff that you have you become so powerful, all of your overthinking actually becomes critical thinking and you actually start solving problems instead of creating them. And right now your brain is creating more problems than solving them. And I can’t freaking wait until you get over that hump because dude, you will be on stop.