How to Turn Dead End REAL ESTATE LEADS into CASH

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I will go out on Facebook groups. Hey guys, I’ve got a fresh list 12,000 records, I would give 1000 and records to one of these new wholesalers. And guess what’s gonna happen? A lot of people say, Man, how did pace blow up? How did pace become influential? How did pace grow a brand, I grew a brand by literally doing what you’re doing right now in my own Phoenix market. I go, man, nobody’s doing this. Literally, nobody’s doing this. It is such an untapped opportunity. So I started just going to wholesalers, who I already knew. And they said, send me stuff that you guys are having a hard time with.

And either a I’ll try and wholesale if it’s cash deal, and then B if you have leads that you’re having a hard time with, let me get on the phone with those sellers. I’ll close those deals and I’ll pay you a referral fee. That’s essentially the full Lonza method is going to a wholesaler providing value in one or the other fashion, preferably both one what do you have under contract that I can potentially send to my buyers because I’m not gonna buy it because I’m brand new, but I can help you find a buyer. However, I do know how to talk to sellers about creative finance terms.

And I also have one of paces mentees, I can bring this deal to pace or somebody in his group Give me your dead leads, give me your dead leads, I can turn them into Novations, seller finance subject to Morby method, I can turn them into a handful of things that you can’t. And if we get those under contract, I will then pay you for the referral fee or we can JV on those deals. I will go out on Facebook groups. And I will say hey guys, I’ve got a fresh List of 12,000 records in DFW. And what I would do is I would give 1000 of the 12,000 records to one of these new one to three month old wholesalers and guess what’s going to happen?

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What nine out of 10 of them are going to do how much work not very much, right? But you will find a matte beard How did I find that beard? Matt beard was a real estate agent struggling and I go come and knock doors for me. I’ll tell you exactly what to do and why don’t you give away 1000 Why don’t I just give away 12 Well, because if I’m a drug dealer you think I’m gonna give away all my drugs to somebody right away or you think I’m gonna freakin just give them a little bit little taste.

Because what happens is they call through the list and then they want to come back for more. And guess what you got 11,000 more records. So essentially, like, look, I got so many more lists that I freshly skip traced and what you then do, Trevor is over a couple of months you find out who’s real and who’s not you start recruiting people that are just bringing opportunities to