How To Structure Subject To Deal

I don’t want anybody else to get those benefits, I want the benefits of ownership, right, which is I think where you’re heading, right. And more importantly, I want the passive income. So if you still don’t have money, and you want that property, which you have the 10 Grand, so I’ll give you option five in a second. But the fourth thing, and I do this, even at my level is I will borrow the $10,000 from a private investor, pay interest only to that private investor. So now I’m making the $700 to the mortgage, I’m paying $100 a month to the private investor or whatever my arrangement is with them.

And now I own the property, no money out of my pocket, and I can turn around and rent that out as an Airbnb and with my income from my Airbnb, I pay off my lender over time. Okay, so that’s option four, option five, I don’t want to go raise private capital, I just want to put my own 10 grand into this thing. And it’s still a good deal for me, because I don’t have to qualify for a loan, I don’t have to pay agent commissions. I don’t have to get appraisals, do inspections, I can just go in there and take over this guy’s deed.

And I can turn around and get it put on an Airbnb, it’s gonna bring me in 100 bucks a night, $3,000 a month, and I have a passive income of 12 $1,300 a month net in my pocket. And it sounds like option five is what you’re gearing for. Right? And I’m lean to that. I mean, I’m open to any of it. But yeah, I would like to start acquiring knightly stuff or long term, even long term rentals in that area. Well, there you go. So there’s, there’s your five options on this individual deal.

There’s literally 100 other transactions and that I could structure for this but every individual buyer and the individual seller, and then you throw So basically there’s three typical ingredients in a deal, right? There’s a seller and their individual needs, desires, wants, hopes, debts, then you have the house itself and the issues that are going on with that and then there’s you the buyer, who has your individual resources or lack of resources or desires etc. And so you mix all that up and then you just have to structure the deal so I get a lot of people are like how do I structure a creative finance deal?

And I’m like, tell me the three pieces of the ingredients. I don’t you know, now you’ve told me the ingredients. The seller is having a hard time selling the property listing expired doesn’t have a lot of equity property is in a desirable area that you could turn around an Airbnb, you could buy it subject to you have some cash. So there you go. Option five is where how I would go structure. I would need a little help with that. So how do we figure out the value of an Airbnb is on air? Have you looked there? I have it on this particular type air DNA like DNA is like the lifeblood of a human being DNA, Air B

It you plug in the address and it pulls up the value says hey, like I just had my Airbnb manager. His name is Noah. So he gives I just say I sent him an address because I don’t look at stuff. But it’s four or five branch forest way Stockbridge, Georgia, right. So he pulls us up. And it says that my average daily rate is $524. At an occupancy of 59%. I would bring in $112,000 a year in revenue. So I would start there, how much can you bring in monthly on this property by going to air DNA calm?

Then you reverse engineer and you go, Okay, now I’m going to call this guy and I’m gonna have a conversation with him and say, Hey, would you let me just take over your payments? Essentially, bro, this is like the easiest transaction ever. Right? The problem? Here’s the problem, right? So like a lot of guys that are starting out in creative finance. They hear people say, well, sub two is a great way to get free houses. Right? Let’s talk about this for a second.