How to Start in Real Estate? Become a Gator Lender

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Has anybody else ever wondered? How do I provide value to wholesalers? How do I go to wholesalers and provide value to them? pretty freakin simple how many deals will you be able to get your hands on? Here’s a good strategy, call a title company. We have a transactional lender that came to our title company and they say, Hey, I do transactional lending if any of your wholesalers or real estate agents need earnest money down payments or any of these types of things, or if they need to double close people in here don’t even know what double closing means. But if they need to do double closing, I can do their transactional lending.

I’m like, I’m the transactional lender around here dude, this is my title company. But it’s a very simple deal where you can go into title companies guys how many title companies are there in your state ever drive around and go do their title companies every freaking were legit guys. I get so many people that say how do I start in real estate is being a gator lender for like $2,000 line of credit, not the easiest way to start in real estate. And then what we’ll do is on the next zoom, everybody that took action is like actually signed up for with PCs, I’ll have PCs, put everybody in a zoom.

And then I’ll show you guys the strategy of actually going out and finding those people to lend money to more importantly, what I’ll do is I’ll show you guys with my attorney, I’ll bring Sean St. Clair in and I’ll show you guys the paperwork, walk you through the paperwork. And I’ll give it away to you guys, is this something that I’m only going to keep private to my students is this is a creative strategy for sure nobody talks about this, you’ll never find any of this on YouTube. There’s not a book about there’s none of that’s out there. And I’ll tell you a couple more transactions I’m in the middle of that will help you understand this even at a deeper level.

But my goal is for the people that are in my immediate audience right now is to get you guys to take action before I basically educate the masses. What I know is the majority of the people that are going to take action are my students because they’re proven action takers. So my goal is the other people in the side chat who are not action takers, are ultimately going to be the people that my students lend the money to.

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So I’m hopefully connecting you guys together so that you my students can go and start a new business endeavor and be somebody everybody that signs up and learns creative finance, you have a superpower that is unbelievable. A superpower there is entire students that have built their entire business based on the ability to get a dead deal turned into a good deal through creative finance, as anybody else ever wondered, how do I provide value to wholesalers? How do I go to wholesalers and provide value to them? pretty freakin simple.

But when you guys are doing transactional lending, you got to make sure you have the proper lending paperwork and that’s what I’m going to have Sean St. Clair draft for everybody. So tell me this guys, where can I sign up? And how do I get into the next zoom with Sean Sinclair prime Corporate Services and me make sure you guys are set up with them. I’m they’re not paying me to do this to promote this. I’m paying money out of my pocket with my attorney, I am going to get you guys set up and we’re gonna turn a lot of people into transactional lenders you don’t have we’re not talking about even $50,000 lines of credit.

Those are dope but we’re talking like $2,000 $3,000 that you can pull money off, do transactional lending for two or three days at a time and double your money double your money, double your money, double your money. Have there ever been times in your guyses businesses that you wish you had somebody that would have done transactional lending for you whether it was double closing, whether it was EMD, whether it was the downpayment on whatever all my gosh, this is such an underserved part of this whole entire real estate world. And now I have the answer.

I have like, figured out the magic pill. Everybody says how do I get started in real estate with little to no money? Here’s the answer. Become a gator lender. Go and find things that people are like I need help with this to make this work. It’s freaking genius. It’s freaking genius. Not just genius. It’s freaking genius.