How To Negotiate With A Realtor When Buying A House Subject To

Well, I like I said only pretty much within the last seven days, and I feel like I’ve gotten a ton of value and I’ve paid for nothing yet. So you’re definitely given a lot of value out there for sure. I appreciate it, man. Here’s what I would do call Christy. Okay. And I would just say hey, Christy You don’t want to share this recording with her because then I’m showing you how to negotiate her Commission’s away from her. But you definitely want to call her and use those lines and in the recording, just write it down, rehearse it, here’s what I would do. And I teach my students to do this.

Anytime I talk to a seller, I’m going to talk fast, and I’m going to go through the program with a seller. And then my students like, oh my gosh, that’s the greatest closing line I’ve ever heard in my life. And they they’re like, how, how do I do that? Like, here’s how you do it. You write it down what I said, you’re standing in the shower, you’re driving around to Walmart, you’re going to the gas station and you’re rehearsing it oh word for word for word for word for word, until you can say it without a piece of paper in front of you until you make that line your own.

Right so that portion where I taught you how to negotiate with Christie on her commissions, this deal is an easy deal. This is the easiest sub to deliver, it’s a layup. The guy can’t sell it. Any other way. No agent can help him no cash buyer can help him. The only person that can help him is Kyle. That’s the only person can help this guy in the whole entire country is you because you now understand. This is good.