How To Negotiate With A Realtor When Buying A House Subject To

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Is there a right or wrong answer for being that real estate agent brought it to me? And that there’ll be bringing me more deals like this? Is there? What, what kind of an agreement? Would you try to work out with her as far as price wise? Or how would you? How would you be fair to her? I would tell her, I would tell her look, obviously, you weren’t gonna get paid on this deal in the first place. And I would plant that seed in my own style. So like, what’s the lady’s name is Chrissy. So I’d call her up and say, Hey, Christy, my name is pace, how you doing? So I’m looking at this deal in Missouri, I’m not sure if it’s a good deal for me or not.

But I kind of want to see what my cost would be getting into the deal. And then Chrissy would say, Well, you know, you know, I couldn’t sell it, the seller owes a lot. And it’s like, yeah, I totally get that makes a lot of sense. Would you be willing to take like a referral fee on this deal instead of a commission? Because I if I gotta pay you a 3%. Commission for bringing this deal to me, it’s, it’s not a deal for me. It’s too much cash up front? Would you be willing to do 1000 or $1,500 referral fee if I thought this might be a decent deal?

And then you shut up and she asked you, you basically she goes, Yeah, honestly, I had this thing listed for six months, if I could just cover my cost of like driving to and from the property and all the time I spent with the seller. 1500 bucks sounds like a great deal to me. Okay, but if you just come swinging out of the gates like a dummy, not you, but just other people in general, like, hey, so are you going to charge me 3% To sell this property? Without actually planting the seeds? If you go back and you read or listen to this, I planted seeds, like, hey, Christy, I’m not sure if there’s a good deal for me or not. I’m kind of limited on upfront cash.

And if you needed to charge me 3% commission on this, I probably I probably am not a buyer for you. Is there a number that does make sense for you? That doesn’t kill the deal? Gotcha. There you go. Right. Then she answers the question. And then you go from there. Right. Kyle? Do you think I have a problem negotiating with with anybody? No. Okay, the biggest challenge people have is just, I don’t know what to say, I need to know what to say. Well, guess what, Kyle? I don’t know what she’s how she’s going to answer, which is why I suggested I just called her, right.

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And because there’s no way I can give you a script to what somebody’s in, Christie is not going to give me a canned response. Christie is going to give me a response based on Christie’s personality, the fact that she’s in Missouri, she’s going to have a little bit of a twing. You know, like, I can only predict so much of what’s going to come out of Christie’s mouth, which is why I typically tell people, just let me call your person and do it for you. Because there is no script, you just got to have a conversation with people and figure it out. Right? Right.

But I gave you the opening script, the opening script, plants, the seed that you can’t pay 3%, it plants, the seed that you’re limited on cash, so that you don’t just put yourself in a crappy crappy situation where you paid her six purse or $6,000 on a property she couldn’t sell without you. Right? You bring other value to the table than just paying her 3% The value you bring to the table is that you solve the problem. No investor, no hedge fund, no real estate agent, no broker, no cash buyer, no fix and flipper. Nobody else could solve this except for you. And she got paid in the process. All be it 1500 bucks versus 6000. But guess what?

She went through a six month listing timeframe, and she couldn’t sell it without you. Right? So you already brought her more value than anybody else. Okay, so don’t pay her 3% Commission. That’s crazy. All right. Awesome. I appreciate that. Then, with the subject to undoing. If you take over the payments, isn’t there a shouldn’t I use a servicing company or? Yep, I use a servicing company every single time. Yes. Well, I really appreciate you taking the time today for this call being that I’m not a student and you’ve never don’t know me from the man on the moon.

So you’ve given me a lot and just from the stuff I’ve seen in the last few days as far as watching stuff that you’ve put out to really really open my open my eyes up and my brain for sure. So I appreciate that. My my big goal in the world is to be the biggest giver in the creative finance space than anybody else. Give give, give, give give even if people are not my students and make sure that my product and everything that I put out there is the highest quality you know, excellent everything and so you’re saying that means the world to me. Thank you so much.Yes, sir.