How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money or Experience

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I have something I want to talk to you about. By the way, I had this crazy epiphany today on this morning zoom. I never thought about this this is, this might be a good question, what are some different ways a new investor or wholesaler can jump in with students? So a very easy way to start, let’s say I’m brand new, and I don’t know how to bring value. I don’t even have leads that I’m generating yet. Okay, let’s say let’s say I’m brand new. I don’t even know what a lead is. I don’t even know what a foreclosure is. I don’t even know what the heck any of this stuff is. How can I provide value to somebody? If I don’t know anything?

I don’t know my butt from a hole in the ground. How do I bring value? I mean, there’s a lot of things that you can do I i got a really obvious one. While you think about that, here’s the most obvious one, go and work for somebody as an acquisition guy. Right? Go on to somebody else’s wholesale team ago, I want to work for you. I will call your leads. I want to be trained by you. And I want to do deals with you under your supervision and let you make the majority of the money legit. Like if you can’t go anywhere else, and you don’t have money for marketing, and you want to get plugged into a business.

Go find a sub two student go find one of Kody in my mastermind students and plug in actually work for somebody which is counterintuitive to basically everything we talk about. Because, bro have something I want to talk to you about. By the way, I had this crazy epiphany today on this morning zoom. I never thought about this. So really obvious thing if I’m brand new, a great way to JV with somebody is go, Hey, sub two student you’re trained zero to hero student you’re trained you have some momentum. I don’t have any momentum. I want to basically ride your coattails. Can I come and work for you? I will give you a year.

Okay, I will give you a year. Oh, check this out. This is a great exists as a tie in to exactly what I’m saying. Willie Arza, who I actually met for the first time yesterday in San Diego. He says when I was super broke for budget, I didn’t have money to do my own marketing. I just did acquisitions for up to five people until I got on my feet. So a really great way to get started in this business guys. Who in this I know that some people are watching this after it’s been recorded. And I know some people are watching it live and some people are watching it on a 10 minute lag because they just tuned in.

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But fill up the comments and let’s talk about who in here needs to go and work for somebody else for their first six months to a year and that’s perfectly fine. Because I’m going to tell you a quick story. And Cody I want to hear some other things that people can do besides go work for somebody else in just a minute while I say this point. So we’ve got a student His name is moonroof. Okay, Mooney tries to get into real estate for basically two years, he puts a second mortgage against his house to pay for all these mentorships never does a deal. He comes into the sub to mentorship starts cranking deals, he’s now been in the mentorship.

I think half a year quits his job doing incredibly well. What he’s done better than doing deals, which I’m very proud of him on all the deals he’s done. But I’m the thing that I was very impressed with by mooneyes Is he started taking other sub two students under his wing to work for him. And there was one student in particular that also was struggling to get his first deal for two years before he joined the mentorship because he was trying to do it as a principal of his own business with very little experience.

And he was spending money on marketing and doing all this kind of stuff and didn’t have daily accountability didn’t have all that kind of stuff joins the mentorship finds moonroof, Mooney runs a lot of our bonus zooms inside of the mentorship. So he finds Moonies and within like a week or two gets his first deal just working underneath moonroof. And so I said that is the most important check you ever got.

And he goes Dude, I’m so proud of this. I only made $1,600 I’m like you only made $1,600 That might as well be a million dollars because that’s a mindset shift you now can turn that paradigm to is this possible to this is possible because you went and worked for somebody else and so there’s a major opportunity for people that they sleep on that all they have to do is go can I go work for you and paste Cody? Hey, can I work for you, Myron? Hey Can Hey Monique. Can I work for you? You have the leads you have the system you have the this let me just call your leads for you.