How To Find Foreclosed Homes | Real Estate Investing

This is where the data comes up. First, the bank reports it to the county when people are late so you can get 3060 and 90 day lates from the county Ethan says he does this. He says I do this in Tulsa, Oklahoma works great. Then I use true people To start calling and I think true people search is basically free. And then what I would do though, is I would call Kevin show Kevin Joe is focusing on foreclosures right now.

And you guys can collaborate and keep each other accountable. I would build a relationship with Kevin show. You also find him in the directory and he’s right here in the side chat. Kevin put your information in there. But yeah, Bo, that’s what I would do. I wouldn’t waste my time with the bank. The bank doesn’t they’re not in the business of trying to save houses. This is an interesting thing for people to know like people go well, I’ll call and negotiate with the bank. The bank is so dead set on their business model which is just lending money that even when somebody goes into foreclosure, they don’t even deal with it.