How to Find a Buyer For Wholesale | Don’t Do This!

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Alright, this is a common problem we see all the time guys wholesaler sends me a DM on Instagram and says, Hey, paste I have a dead lead in via Rica, Georgia never heard of that place. The Seller is motivated, but I couldn’t find any buyers. Here’s what’s interesting, what you just told me is that you started a car dealership in the middle of the desert with nobody around to buy a car. Why would you create a product that nobody can buy?

Well, you do first in real estate is you always do your market research first on your buyer, stop trying to go get a seller, go find a buyer first, every single time, if you’re an educator as well, and you’re watching this video, or maybe you’re one of your mentees send this to you and said, Hey, pay says find the buyer first, if you disagree with me, just look in the mirror and apologize to yourself for being wrong, because you’re wrong.

If you’re students, or if you’re a brand new person in this real estate industry, this is the big differentiator, if I know how to find value, like really find value of a property by underwriting and looking at comparable properties, and really coming up with a real number for a house, then it’s okay for me to go find sellers. But I can tell you 99.9% of wholesalers and real estate investors out there that are probably six months or less in that business have no clue on how to find the value of a property. So what they’re doing is they’re going out and doing what hope is doing. Literally Her name is Hope.

By the way, she’s hoping to find a seller and then she’s hoping to find a buyer finding a buyer is incredibly easy. In fact, I have a training down in the description below. It’s a link, it’s free, I’ll give it to you on how to find a buyer how to talk to a buyer how to do market research on what that buyer is looking for. And then how to turn around and go find a property for that buyer. Specifically, imagine I want to start a T Shirt Company and I want to start a T Shirt Company in Hollywood Hills, California. So I do market research.

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And I find out most people in Hollywood, California our size, small size medium and a little bit of large because everybody there in Hollywood cares about their bodies, you know, people there is like the vein capital of the United States. All right, so I start selling a lot of T shirts, I start making a lot of money, I know you know I’m gonna double down. So I take that same buyer profile. And I go to Arkansas where there’s nobody as a size small or size medium, everybody’s large, extra large, triple XL, I’m just using that as an example is if you just think that your buyer is your buyer, no matter where you are, you’re gonna fail.

You’re going to be like hope and you’re going to be doing this go do a customer profile and who you’re going to serve your buyer is your customer How dare you go and start a real estate investing business or a wholesaling business not knowing what your buyer actually wants. And that requires a conversation with your buyer. It requires a relationship with your buyer Don’t be like hope and literally hope that when you get a house under contract I mean hope found a motivated seller she’s legitimately says sellers ready to sell the Seller is motivated, but I can’t find a buyer.

Why are you wholesaling in via Rica, Georgia, it doesn’t make sense. Find out where the buyers are, have a conversation with those buyers and get a profile of exactly what they’re looking for. And then go start marketing for sellers. It sounds basic, it sounds Elementary, a lot of your educators and even people on YouTube are going to tell you go get the deal. First, they’re wrong, do not go get the deal first, because you’re going to put sellers in a horrible position because you got them in a contract that you don’t have the ability to sell.

And now you’re lying to them. You’re causing them to go one way or the other. You’re making them make decisions in their life. You’re screwing with somebody’s life as a whole seller. If you don’t already have a buyer in mind, when you’re marketing for a seller and a distressed property. Don’t be like Oh, go find a buyer go watch my training down below. It’s completely free. I’ll give it to you. I just really want people in this industry to help out sellers by profiling and educating themselves on what buyers really want so that they can boom, get that profile and go look for it in the distressed market arena.

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