How to Create DEALS at Real Estate Meet Ups

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You will hear me say this so many times it’d be like, Hey, why aren’t we I met Sonia at a meetup. So all you dumb asses that go to meetups and don’t actually look for private money lenders, and you’re just sitting there on your chair like, literally, guys don’t go to RIAs don’t go to meetups, don’t go to this stuff unless you know how to talk to people about getting private money. Here’s the question that I asked when I go to Rheas or I go to meetups, or I even when I speak on stage at this point, here’s the question. There’s two questions I ask. I want you guys to write this down.

Because you’re going to some of you knuckleheads are going to say, how what do I say? What do I do what I say? Right? It’s kind of like talking to a girl for the first time here and what like, oh my gosh, what do I say to questions my students all know the answer. Here they are. Question is, why aren’t we doing business together? Right? So let’s say I meet somebody for the first time let’s say Russian Eskimo walk up to Russian Eskimo to Russian Eskimo. He’s always in the lives Good to see you. And I go hey, man, what’s your name? Hey, pace. My name is Russian Eskimo. Cool, man. Let me ask you a question. Why are we doing business together?

It’s going to take people they’re gonna wait. Oh, what I mean, obviously, we came here to this Rhea to do business. What do we got to do? Okay, this is the second question. I always say, what do we have to do to make money together? That’s the second follow up question. So what do we have to do to make money together? It’s literally every time you guys, if you guys ever get behind closed doors, and you’re ever in meetings with me, you will hear me say this so many times, it’d be like, Hey, why aren’t we doing deals together? Why are you selling me a deal? I just put people right on the spot.

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Why aren’t we why are we doing deals together? I don’t know. Maybe neither one of us have deals. Okay. Are you doing any private money lending? No, I don’t have any money. Okay, great. Well, maybe we should go knock doors together, you basically are filtering through and figuring out what to do with every human being. Here’s let me ask you, let me tell you guys, something really is a powerful thing for you guys to learn when people are telling you who they are and what they do. Who is your daddy? And what this you do? Most people are really only thinking one thing, what are they thinking? Right?

No, they’re thinking, what can you do for me? That’s what everybody wants to know, when you when you go to a meet up? What can you do for me? Here’s the thing, guys, we’re not going to church, okay, we’re not going to church. We’re not going to like college or high school where there’s all this social bullsh, that you have to filter through, we are going to a real estate meetup or we’re going to a seminar, we’re going to have these places, okay, that are very specific. People know why they’re going there. So when you’re asking these questions, everybody, it’s okay for everybody to have this thought process of what can you do for me?

What’s in it for me? And then at the same time, what can I do for you? That Well, you did this for you? I met Sonia in a meet up and I literally like, why aren’t we doing business together? She’s like, What? She’s like, what’s your name? Literally, I asked her that question before she even knew my name. And I said, my name is pace. She’s like, Oh, okay, cool. I go, why aren’t we doing deals together? She’s like, I don’t know.

You know, I’m working on deals. And so you just strike up a conversation. There’s three things you’re always looking for. You’re always looking for money, you’re looking for deals or you’re looking for people to help you with those deals, title agent, transaction coordinator, those type those are the only three things I’m ever really looking for money deals or people to help me with my deals. That’s it. Okay. So that’s how I met so.