How To Be SUCCESSFUL In Real Estate In 3 Steps

You can not compare your journey to somebody else’s four year journey. Chandler David Smith has been doing this for years. You need to understand what you need right now. My goals right now would be impossible for you right now. And single family is the greatest and only way to get into real estate. Unless your mommy and your daddy handed you a silver spoon and you started on third base. Don’t listen to advice that is not appropriate for you. Do you know who you are? What is it that’s holding you back? Number one, you don’t know what you want? You don’t know who you are? Is there anybody in here that doesn’t know who they are before we move on to the next step? Okay, Robin, I’d love to talk. I’d love to talk with you, Robin.

So Robin, what do you what do you feel? And when I asked that question like what what goes through your mind when I say Do you know who you are? I haven’t figured out you’re talking about superpower all the time. What are your strengths? And I haven’t figured out what that is about me yet. I just know I haven’t been successful because I haven’t been committed enough. I’m gonna I’m gonna go through a couple things with you. How much money have you made in real estate? Be honest? Zero. Okay. Can I tell you something that I like I look at you and you’re so sweet. And you’re so loving to so many people like I can feel your energy just in the in the slideshow? That is one of your supervisors, why haven’t you learned how to be a transaction coordinator and actually ran people’s transactions and paperwork? Why do you feel like you have to be the person cold calling.

But I look at this. And I’m like, if you’ve been trying to be in real estate for two years, and you’re just like, I can’t figure it out, right? For one reason or another. Maybe it’s time to try something that will get you in the game and get you in an active transaction. So you can see things and see how they work, right? Yes, Robin, I don’t have your disposition, I don’t have your personality, I would be a horrible transaction coordinator. I’m not a sweetheart like you. And it doesn’t mean you’re stuck as a transaction coordinator. The difference is now you gain experience. You’re part of a real transaction, I’m going to have you and Ashley run my next sub two transaction, you are going to be my transaction coordinator. On my next deal. When I asked you this question in three weeks, Robin, how much money have you made in real estate, you’ll say I just did my first transaction coordination and I made X amount of dollars. Now, next thing, know what you want.

What do you want in the next 30 days? If you’re brand new, and you don’t have leads, you don’t have money, you don’t have resources? How are you going to get your hands on the transaction in the next 30 days? Or how are you going to amplify your business? Everybody’s going to be a little bit different. Step three, be a professional does somebody else have to motivate you if the answer is yes, fix that. Get involved. I literally had a student I don’t know if he’s in here today. I hope he is because I’m going to freakin annihilate him right now. And he’s like, I’ve done a couple of deals. It’s been amazing the community is awesome blah blah blah like cool. How many friends do you have? Literally could name three people. If you don’t have 25 friends in sub two, don’t talk to me about community never complain, I cannot I cannot stand being around complainer’s can’t stand it. It’s crazy to me the mindset issues that people have you how many times I hear people complain about their like, victim mentality. Somebody did something to me. Somebody said something to me. Oh my word. Do you think millionaires and billionaires have any of those words ever come out of their mouth. It’s so interesting how so many people think it’s everybody but themselves.

I promise you, every problem you have right now is because of you. It’s not because of your husband, your wife, your kids, your this your that is 100% You take ownership of your life. Be honest with yourself that you’re not successful because you’re not taking action. Stop making excuses or at least admit that you are control your little emotions. Don’t be a baby, have a board of advisors, who are you listening to name five people lasting step four, follow one strategy and measure it. One strategy could be I’ve been cold calling for the last 30 days I’ve done this, this and this and here are my results. And I don’t know where I’m stuck. That’s a completely different one on one than somebody saying, I don’t know what to do. Do what was the one strategy you chose and what how have you been measuring it and you cannot answer that question. I will literally end the one on one. It’s okay to not know what you want. But after today and after today’s zoom, it is not okay for you to not have a game plan. We’re all on the same page. We’re going to wrap this up I love you. Good afternoon. Good evening. Happy New Years all that kind of stuff again. Love you guys. Have a good day.