How To Be SUCCESSFUL In Real Estate In 3 Steps

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If you are lost in real estate, if you are lost in any part of your life, it’s because you don’t know what you want. We’re gonna go through how to get what you want today know what you want, I want you to know who you are. And I’m going to give you a game plan of exactly what how to construct and set up your goals and then and only then will I ever do a one on one with you. If you don’t know what you want, you’re not going to take action.

Now there are certain personalities that will take action no matter what is going on in their lives. But most people are don’t have that personality. And a lot of people don’t even know who they are. People are trying to be like Grant Cardone or Jamil Damji. Like you’re you have to be you, you have to be you. And that sounds so stupid. I remember when people told me 10 years ago, you need to be you, you need to focus on you, you need to be the best version of yourself. And then I went another two or three years looking at other people I was looking up to thinking I had to be them.

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I just need to be the best absolute most arrogant version of myself and it is okay. That’s another thing I learned. It’s okay to be arrogant in your beliefs in yourself. I spent so much of my 20s Trying to make other people happy. And you know where those people are still stuck where they were 10 years ago and I wanted to be them. I understand there’s a transformation that has to happen. I too had mindset issues. You’re gonna run into so many people this is a really great one. This guy’s he’s a friend of mine. And so I’m not criticizing him.

Chandler David Smith, personal friend of mine, look at his latest video, do not buy these rental properties. But when you go to his actual channel and you look at his videos, and you go all the way through his videos, he sits there and tells you for two years guys how to go out and buy duplexes for plexes Why is Chandler David Smith telling you not to buy stuff now he built momentum and utilize single family homes duplexes for plexes to get to a new Echelon where he could say those things he’s matured he’s grown in his business he has graduated to a different level even Grant Cardone’s first deal ever was a single family home. So many people look at Chandler David Smith, or they look at me and they go, I need to be doing exactly what pace is doing…