How Is The Name Transferred On The Deed?

Here’s all that kind of stuff and what dated it what data did close escrow code here what data that record November 21 2019 love it love it love it so this little two page document Cody scroll up and down to just show how simple this document really is. And by the way do you guys see it says subject to on the document right there as well which is funny it’s a common phrase in in real estate says it right there subject to current taxes other assessments blah blah blah liens.

Liens, encumbrances isn’t that amazing? This is a public document it is on every single property that Cody and I own subject to and seller finance for that matter. And you can pull this up on the on the internet it’s pretty amazing. So when people are all this is not real. It’s like dude, literally give will give you hundreds of addresses. You can pull this up okay.