Creative Finance Airbnb Walk Through: REAL Case Study

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Guys Welcome to beautiful Decatur Georgia This is a property I bought subject to in fact this house right here has three subject two loans on it three there are three subject two loans and I’ll have my team actually put a image of the finalized HUD the settlement statement with the title company and the edit but this is a new Airbnb for me 1931 Will away in Decatur, Georgia. This is a property that I absolutely was afraid of because it’s kind of smaller house but man alive my Airbnb manager Noah did such a great job I never had to talk to the seller one time.

This was a property that was brought to me by somebody else that did not know how to do subject to and luckily I was able to just take over the contract and close escrow on the deal and so I’m gonna walk you guys through it today and then I’ll probably do a part two of this so you guys can see how much money it’s going to make. I love Georgia so much I don’t know why people ask me all the time why I love it I would guess that it’s just the charm as you guys can see there’s trees everywhere right like this is just Atlanta I don’t know it’s in there. I probably won’t even go in there.

I don’t even care but it’s a big long deep lat I think what I’m going to do back here is I’m going to do something clean this up maybe put a porch or patio out here and cut a hole in the wall because there’s really no livable space out here. I think I need to put a porch back here somewhere you’ll see inside the house it’s super cute but it’s missing some stuff so anyway, this is the power of creative finance like I bought a house I’ve never spoken to the seller somebody else just ran into a situation they couldn’t take care of so I jumped in took care of it and here I am proud new owner of a cute gray and white house in Decatur, Georgia.

All brand new windows house obviously needed new windows. So Noah Hoffman my Airbnb manager did that for me got that taken care of. I probably want to spend a little bit of money like right here too and maybe even like fixing the driveway a little bit. I don’t know we’ll see. We’ll see how this thing performs. So let’s do a little tour. I am the caterer Airbnb freezing cold it is very cold in there somebody had the AC turned on so super cute.

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You can see somebody at some point closed in this Windows originally a larger window somebody close this in maybe because they couldn’t get a good size window all wood floors which I love this is very indicative of older houses is like there’s a little step up right here. This is your kitchen step up. Dining Jamila give us a tour walk us through this kitchen, dining primary bedroom with a primary bathroom and it’s actually very nicely acquainted. I think Noah has done a great job. I’m extremely impressed how everything’s put together.

My favorite piece though, I have to say as an Airbnb host prior to the Nether life these things you have to provide them because like ladies want them and some guys with blowouts if you put them in a drawer, they leave Yeah, all the time. Yeah, no, I think this was a really genius thing. They’ve mounted to the wall and this ain’t going anywhere. Because if you don’t put it back, it’s like yo, where’s the dry? Oh, yeah. Do you think it’s cute though? Like you would stay in this house but I totally stay here man. This is awesome. And honestly like Noah did a good job on the design and everything. I think they crushed it.

I like the whole vibe and all looks very nice. Can you believe this small of a house has four bedrooms in it. This actually this feels is that in addition it feels like an addition I feel like this at one point no it can’t be because look at the fireplace and the fireplace is built in like you look on the outside of the house. It looks like it’s all original. That’s right so this is original house it’s missing a back porch though it needs a back yes it needs something like just a hangout area back here I’d see a firepit and like a nice little table picnic table area and it’s done. Show me the rest of the house. So there’s this kitchen leaving right good size.

I bet you does that fold out no it does not fold it does not fold out Jamila says that does not feel that but that’s sleeping for one person if you guys have a little bit of overflow, right? Oh, look at this attic pull down. That’s cool. Must have a full on walk up closet or Oh, that’s pretty good. Nice shape. Again, nice touch. No, there’s a theme here. He’s had these things walk out from him to he’s experienced in this business. Right? And then you know the bedrooms are nice. This is a cute man. I kind of think that’s romantic. You know, all the trees, all the vines going up the trees pretty dope. This would be the second largest bedroom right?