Buy A Car Without Credit

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Alright guys so check this out. You might be wondering what is a real estate investor so excited about his brand new Kia four oh you know what’s cool about this Kia is it the 2020 Kia has like five or 6000 miles on it essentially this thing’s like brand new and why why did I buy a Kia? Well guys, I didn’t buy it here I basically took over the payments on this car was no money out of my pocket I found this car through a distressed seller somebody that needed to get rid of this car because they couldn’t afford the payments.

So the cool thing is I literally took over the payments on this car, I found a seller who really didn’t have equity, they just barely bought this car a couple of years ago, they still owe more money on the car than what it’s worth. You got to make sure you get the rims guys you got to make sure you get the brush in the rims like this is a tip okay, it’s important very important. So we found this seller seller ended up running into some medical issues and couldn’t afford the payment. I don’t need another Kia that’s the thing is I don’t need another car. But why did I buy this car? Well, I bought this car because I didn’t have to get a loan.

I didn’t have to go down and put a downpayment down I didn’t have to qualify, I didn’t have to use my credit. And the cool thing is when my friends come in from out of town like my friend Tim bras pop his face up on the screen, Tim bras comes in town stays at my house. Now my friends have a car that can drive around town and I didn’t have to go and buy one and it’s just a nice little feature that I can get my friends when they come in town. So it was nice to run into an opportunity but more importantly I just get people asking me this question.

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Hey, what else can I buy subject to Can I buy a car subject to Well, I bought this car subject to multiple cool things about this is that it’s a great car. And while my wife will never use it, my kids will never really use this. It’s a nice little feature to give my friends when they come in from out of town we do podcast together, we hang out. Alright, let me rent this. Alright, you want to know a little trick? I don’t know if everybody does this, but I do this and I get in here and I spray my hinges I get my undercarriage I get under my car doors. Like yo, if you’re my buddy and you’re coming in to hang out and you stay at my house.

This is the whip you get a drive if you stay at my house to like Tim Brock and my other friends that come in and stay at my house from out of town. This car is yours. You get to drive this up to car that’s why I bought it. I bought it because it provides a major benefit to my friends. And when my friends and I collaborate we make money together. In fact, Tim broths and I are doing a big or at least I hope the deal is not done yet. But I’m working on doing a deal. This is a great topic. I’ll tell you in the car, you might ask yourself why would I buy a Kia you know, like even if it was a good opportunity.

I have a Prius I have an F 150 I have a Tesla like we have enough cars we don’t need another car. However, I am a big collaborator, which means I hang out with other influencers and other real estate investors and we do a lot of deals together. So imagine in this day and age, technology day and age people get to know each other through social media YouTube, welcome to the YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. People get to know each other through social media and I got to know Tim rocks and I grew to respect Tim bras through social media.