8 Options to Present a Pre-Foreclosure Seller

with all the questions I get personally DMS or otherwise, the number one question we get is, How are your door knockers? How are your SMS is getting through to the seller, whereas your competition is not and guys, that is number one going at them with that approach of can we help you around the personal loan side? Alright, number two agents. So guys, again, if they have an agent that they’re talking to, you want to pull that to the forefront, you want to find out if they have a brother, a cousin, a sister, whatever that is an agent.

Yep, that is going to be your competition on the other side. Otherwise, if you don’t bring that out, and you’re starting talking about cash offers, which is what everybody’s doing, they start ghosting you they start doing whatever and you don’t know why. But if you bring this to the forefront and you say, Look, why haven’t you listed your property, they’re gonna tell you so many more things about why they haven’t listed the property. I don’t have time. That’s good info. I have a job opportunity. I have to leave I need these things, whatever, or I don’t have an agent.

What if somebody doesn’t have an agent? What do you do? Refer an agent refer him an agent from an agent? Yeah, right. So those are the things I’m here’s the thing, guys, most of the time, people don’t want to list their property A lot of times because they’re embarrassed, they’re embarrassed because this is a pre foreclosure, they’re embarrassed, maybe in the condition of the property, they’re embarrassed by, you know, if somebody comes into their house and their dog bites them, or something, a lot of people don’t want to list and a lot of people don’t really trust real estate agents that have their best interests in mind.

100%, especially with the timeline looming, the 90 days is getting closer and closer. They’re fearful of it. And so it’s nice to just bring that fear to the forefront, have a conversation about it. So you can step forward and get closer to helping them with a different met lover. Number three loan modification, guys, this is something that happens so many times where we would talk to the seller, and we get this close this close to getting a contract, and all sudden the seller would ghost us Yep. And then a month later, we touch base with them and find out they were no longer in foreclosure. It’s because they were working on a loan mod the entire time we were talking to that loan mod Meads loan modification, basically, what the bank does is they take what you owe, they put it on the back side of the loan, they reduce your payments, but you still the amount that you’re paying them. Now they tack onto the back of the loan, it’s a win win for the bank, if they feel like the people can actually afford to be able to do that and go through the process. But it is I mean, it is a delicate process. I mean, you’d have to put a lot of paperwork together. And a lot of these people that are in pre foreclosure they don’t necessarily follow through.

So here’s the here’s the funny thing is on my Instagram I post when I get certain contracts, and I’ll say just got a contract, and I have a picture of the house in the background. What’s your Instagram, my Instagram is Pace Morby on Instagram guys follow me. So one of the other wholesalers in town goes, oh my gosh, I’ve been working with that seller for three months, how’d you get that contract? And I said, because I was talking to them through the whole process of their loan mod checking in on them, how’s it going with the loan mod? How’s it going with a loan mod? And never once did I bring up a cash offer or anything else that was there as moral support. I basically created an ecosystem where me and that seller worked through this loan mod. They got rejected on the loan mod they called who first you us Yep, you guys got to get customer facing seller facing and get in their trust zone.

And you get into their trust zone by providing all the options for them to stay in the house or to sell it and get out cleanly before the foreclosure happens. So that whole idea of on these steps here is to go through as much effort as possible to provide as much value to them as possible so that they can get out cleanly so that if all these things don’t happen, all of a sudden, you’re down here and five and four, but let’s not skip ahead. Let’s go to the rental rental rental.

I’ve actually never had a seller one time do a rental, right. But I always bring it up as an option. And the reason being is because I want to make sure that the seller knows all their options one and two, I want to tell them why a rental is not a good idea. So essentially we go don’t go well. If you’re behind on your mortgage, why not just get a renter in here and cash flow a little bit, catch up your mortgage or whatever. And they go, Oh my gosh, I don’t want to deal with a renter. I’m so stressed out as it is. So that is a good sign that they’re in enough pain that you can come in and solve their problem with a cash offer maybe a creative financing solution.

Love it cash offer cash offer we typically this is what most people go at right off the bat. Give them a cash offer if they have equity, right, if there’s enough in there, let’s get the cash offer. Let’s get it locked up. Let’s assign that deal that’s wholesale. This is traditional, yes traditional wholesaling that we talk about a lot on this channel. This is a bread and butter. How do you make the biggest spreads? Right from a income standpoint?

So what’s crazy about this is most wholesalers or real estate investors start here we by the time I’m here, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes to get to this point. I’ve built rapport I know their dog’s name. I know their daughter’s favorite color. I know everything about their family and why they’re in the situation they’re in By the time I even go to the cash offer, we’re already friends. Yep. But you guys as non educated up until this video, go to them immediately as a cash offer, hey, I’m a cash investor, guys, they need help they need moral support and getting a call from a cash investor isn’t going to warm them up. Start here. And by the time you get to here, you’re already in the guesses everything. Yeah, guys, this is everything. If you’re going after pre foreclosures, this is absolutely the blueprint. I am telling you, nobody does more of these than pace. Nobody does more of these in pace. He’s doing two, three a week. Guys, listen to what he’s saying. This is critical number six.

So number six, let’s say that you go to the cash offer and you talk to the seller and they say, you know, I would love to actually sell I just need to get rid of this house. I don’t have any equity. In fact, if I took the offer you just gave me I’d have to write you a check for 50 grand. And if I had 50 grand, I just catch up my mortgage. So what we do is we then go at them with a subject to create a finance type of model to get in the house and still cashflow for long term wealth by solving the seller’s problem and buying a house that nobody else would have been able This is where everybody falls off. Right?

This is where every other everybody that’s looking for this cash offer that’s that’s wholesaling falls off right here. And there is so much to be made. It is crazy. We just had a meetup, you’re our guest speaker, our headliner. And what happened is we had a couple of guys in that group that had been wholesaling for a year. And after we opened up their eyes and talked about these creative options, they immediately went back to their phone book and they got 15 sellers that they turned away last year. And we call those sellers together. And we got three contracts from sellers that they said not a deal track, no equity, no equity is what happens is typically you look at a property, you see if it has equity, if it is great follow up, if it doesn’t gone, right, you’re saying I want all those and I’m going to convert those into a subject to or creative financing. Number seven,

nobody ever has taken me up on this. However they go Are those my only options. And they go well I as a home flipper, I can help you renovate the house and list it and we can split the profits. And they go oh my gosh, there’s not enough time for that there’s not enough time for that there’s not enough time for that. So all of these guys, if they didn’t take you up on these offers, we come back in with another one that actually would help them but they still won’t take and they go man, I guess I really don’t have any other options besides five and six.

And these equity equity and no equity. This could be both right but this you obviously need equity and but equity, no equity. These are the options, you’re you’re pulling through the filters of all these to get to this, obviously eight is bankruptcy. And we don’t do bankruptcy. You’re not an attorney. I’m not an

attorney, but we will refer them to an attorney if that’s ultimately the way they need to go is we’ll refer them to an attorney and through bankruptcy, they can stay in their house for a longer period of time. And I’d say less than 5% of people ever go maybe even less than 2% of people ever go that route. It’s usually guys right here. 90% of the contracts that we get are right here. Every once in a while we’ll get an agent that we refer a deal to.

Yep, guys, listen, there are no secrets. There’s just things that you don’t know yet. Now you know, who I like. Now, you know, here is the blueprint, here’s the plan, go through these four things knocked those all off of their mental checklist so that they don’t come back later or that they don’t push back you stiff arm you stiff arm you stiff arm you to make a decision, because they think that there’s other options out there, lay out these eight options, put it on a piece of paper, put it into in a presentation to bring it to him and say which one of these looks like something that you’d be interested in and see what happens start the conversation because from there you’re going to get the people that are really going to be willing to work with you. And that’s how you make an impact in your community. These are the people that are under the most distress possible and you can absolutely help them out but you got to listen to pace and go through the eight steps here and really implement it don’t just see this as education this is pure instructionyou have to talk to people guys that’s you have to do it TTP guys

so that is it pace thank you so much. I’m gonna do more and more please comment down below if you want to see more of me and paste breaking down different things in his business and different things about subject to just write down below subject to if you are interested in math if you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing it is the TTP T T P go to wholesaling inc.com forward slash TTP scroll down check out all the testimonials check out what the program is about if it feels good in your gut sign up for a call. I look forward to working with you personally till next time