8 Options to Present a Pre-Foreclosure Seller

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There is an absolute fortune to be made with pre foreclosures. I’m here with the master pace more, he’s going to break down the eight options that you have with every single Pre Foreclosure check this out. Guys, it is Brent Daniels. And if you are getting value out of these videos, make sure that you like and subscribe. So let’s get into this. We’re talking about pre foreclosures. And now more than ever, these deals are popping up. And they are turning into massive deals, not only from a wholesale perspective, but also from a buy and hold perspective, absolutely creative finances money when it comes to pre foreclosures.

Now, a lot of people this is what is incredible. And the reason why I’m making this video I’m bringing this up is because I think everybody in every market is leaving so much money on the table, because they’re not taking pre foreclosure seriously the ones that don’t have equity, and we’ll get into that. Absolutely. But there are truly there are eight options, the piece is going to break down and I’m going to ask the questions, I’m going to make sure that we’re crystal clear on every single one of these options, so that you can be confident going into any appointment with pre foreclosures and be able to get the contract sign. So pace. Let’s start here. So pre foreclosures, what is a pre foreclosure pre foreclosure,

it means that somebody is falling behind on their payments. Yep, they’ve been waiting payments, their mortgage payment, the mortgage, they’re behind on their mortgage payments, and they are in a situation where they have been notified that their house is going to be put up for foreclosure, which means they’re going to lose their house, they’ve got some pretty big amount of pain, right? Yeah, well, not only that, the interesting thing about pre foreclosures is there’s a very, very specific timeline, right?

If you are not making your payments to the bank, they will foreclose, they’ll take that property back, they’ll kick you out of the house. It is their property now, and there is a date that they will take that to auction. Absolutely. So what happens is, in my experience is in Phoenix here, when you get a notice of default, you get a 90 day window to either make up those payments and get good with the bank again, or they’re going to foreclose, knock knock knock, the sheriff is coming for the house. Right? It’s absolutely true, right. But the interesting thing is, most people don’t start taking action until it’s at the last moment possible.

It is crazy. I feel like there’s two camps. What are those two camps? I feel like you and I kind of have the same belief in that.Yep, there’s people that have equity. And there’s people that don’t have any equity in their house,right. So in those two camps, it really doesn’t matter. It is very interesting. People don’t start taking action until about the halfway mark, it gets scary really, really fast. So the eight options, which we’re going to go over today are money, they’re game changing, most people are just calling pre foreclosures and saying I want to give you a cash offer, guys, you’re leaving so many opportunities on the table. And you’re also getting a lot of doors and a lot of text messages and cold calls going on answered because you’re not using the right methodology.

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So let’s get into it. Yeah, let’s go option number one. Option number one, guys. Sometimes we had a seller one time where the husband had passed away, the wife hadn’t been in the workforce for 10 years. And so really what she just needed was a personal loan. And so we helped her do is gain the courage to go to a family member and get a personal loan for two or three months, so she could get caught up on our payments, the right thing to do was to help that seller out in that situation, to get the courage to stay in that house. This isn’t always about buying the house, it is always about helping the seller, I can tell you that right now. And asking somebody about the personal loan situation will get you customer facing where no longer will they have a guard and stop blocking your tax stop blocking your cold calls, because you’ve gone after truly helping them by giving the confidence that they needed to go get a personal loan.

So are you saying because we talked about this off camera and I thought this is brilliant, everybody the roof of this is brilliant, that you go instead of hey, are you in foreclosure? Do you want to sell your house? You would ask him? Do you need a personal loan to help you out with this situation? Right? That’s brilliant. I know. So I mean,it is money.

So here’s the thing, guys, we have a team of door knockers, we do SMS and we do cold calling, our conversion rates skyrocketed when we started saying we’re going to be customer facing. And the first line we say to a seller is we say we have eight ways to help you actually tell them, we have seven ways to help you keep your house and they immediately go, Oh my gosh, this guy’s not trying to attack me. He’s not coming after me and trying to take my equity. He’s actually wanting to help me We start by going and helping them get a personal loan, if that is indeed what they need. Immediately, you start getting all the things about the story, all the situation, the backstory of why they’re in the situation they’re in, and now you can start solving problems that no other competition is going to be able to do because they don’t have the right information.