3 Ways to Battle Analysis Paralysis

However, I’ve given advice to other people that have really good jobs that are making a quarter million dollars a year and they love their job, I would never tell that person to go wholesale real estate, it’s not a good fit for them, I would tell them to either a go fix and flip properties because they have a little bit of resources, they have some capital, or I would tell them to go by creative finance deals, sub to seller finance deals and turn those into Airbnbs which is what my model has been the last year or so. So download the PDF down below. It’s going to give you a structure of exactly how to come up with this step by step by step process. The number two reason why you’re lost overwhelmed, or you just feel I don’t know which direction to go is because you’re not taking any action.

Okay, people that are brand new to the dating scene, you got to get out there you got to take some people on dates you got to hang out you got to get to know people before you know what you like and you don’t like and you start creating a profile of what you’re looking for. If you’ve never dated before then how do you know that what you’re thinking in your mind is just an impossibility? Maybe you’ll find out you actually don’t like those characteristics that you thought you dreamt about. It’s the same thing with fixing and flipping or wholesaling or

Holding real estate building apartment complexes I have renovated over 7000 properties in my lifetime 7000 properties. And I learned by like property 50 that I did not like doing new build homes. I don’t like doing it. I love fixing and flipping mobile homes. I love it because I don’t ever have to worry about the buyer being super picky. The buyer really caring about every little thing being perfect. How did I know that? I learned it by taking action. You can’t choose it by watching YouTube content. YouTube is here for entertainment. It’s not here for education.

The only way to truly get educated is to be out there taking action and being part of a community of other people that are taking action. So how do I take action? First step, download the PDF down below so you can find out the answer to number one, what do you actually want. Step two, join our free Facebook group we have the best Facebook group on planet Earth. I challenge somebody to make a comment down below and tell me we somebody else has a better Facebook group than we do. It doesn’t exist facebook.com forward slash groups forward slash creative finance with Pace Morby it’s an amazing group.

And here’s why there’s 37,000 people at the time of this recording, they are in there communicating with each other you’ll find lenders you’ll find deals you’ll find people to go hang out with everybody’s in there helping each other out. It’s a great free resources. So make sure you click down below facebook.com forward slash groups forward slash creative finance with pace Morbi. That’s a great place to start, right? Get some friends in the industry and go drive around with them and drive for deal. We did this driving for deals challenge. I’ll link it down below. It’s completely free a driving for deals challenge, which means we challenged people for 30 days to go out and take action driving around the city, looking at ugly properties and then taking action on an app called batch driven.com Ford slash launch for a discount code link is down below.

Just take action get in your car, go do it with people that are in the free creative finance with Pace Morby Facebook group, we challenged ourselves to help 50 people get their first deal, which would total 50 deals, what we ended up doing is helping over 500 people get a contract, I ended up buying two deals from that challenge myself. It was epic. So click that down below. It’s completely free, you can walk through it, okay. Ultimately, the reason why you’re lost or overwhelmed is because you’re not taking action, you have not figured out exactly what things you want to focus on. I’m scaled, I have people that are handling things for me in this business, you might not be in that same position. And so when you try to do it all or when you’re thinking about doing it all, you immediately go into the third reason why you are not taking action, you’re lost or you’re overwhelmed. And the third reason why is because of analysis, paralysis.

There’s too many ways to succeed in real estate too many there are industries and niches inside of real estate that even me at my level, which I have a long way to go to reach the likes of some of my heroes, Jerry Norton, one of them, I have a long way to go. And I’m never gonna do luxury builds like Jerry Norton, he builds 5 million and $7 million houses, I absolutely will never do that in my life. Him and his brother have figured out exactly what to do in that industry. I want to have nothing to do with it. Maybe you’re the type of person goes, I don’t want to ever talk to a seller. Is there any way that I can be successful in real estate without actually cold calling, or texting or doing those types of things? The answer is yes. But you have to figure out your own avatar.

And we’re going to help you do that with the guide down below. So download that PDF, the three reasons why you’re struggling, you’re overwhelmed, you’re lost, you don’t know where to start is because one, you’re consuming everybody’s content and you don’t know what you actually want. Number two, man, I take action every day before I even shower. I’ve got three four zooms that are already knocked out. And I’m testing things out and trying things out so I can figure out what I like and what I don’t like. But I never would have figured that out by just thinking and thinking about getting started.

Number three, analysis paralysis. Y’all are sitting there with Thumbs Up your butt not doing anything other than watching my YouTube videos. I appreciate you consuming my content by no means do I not want you to do that this video is here to help you not have analysis paralysis, join the free Facebook group and take action immediately. In the next video, we’re actually going to walk you through the steps of exactly what you need to do to figure out who you are and what avatar you are. And we’ll see you in that video sometime this week.